Machine Learning Tokyo (study group)


Yoovraj Shinde and Nathan Night will be leading the MLT study group. If you're interested in Machine Learning and Deep Learning we will help you find the best way to study and learn about the field, depending on your background. The study group was actually designed to sit down, get work done, and have more experienced people around for support.

There won't be an instructor or a lecture on Machine Learning, but we'll help you to find the right resources and purpose for studying. For experts and professionals: Work on your projects in a nice atmosphere, exchange thoughts and knowledge with like-minded people. Please bring your laptop.

--- WHO WE ARE ---

We live in a fast-paced world.

To keep up, a bunch of tech-enthusiasts (beginners to experts) with diverse backgrounds are meeting up regularly to dive into, learn, discuss and apply something, that is changing everything: Machine Learning.

Together we are studying, building projects and experimenting with cutting-edge tech. Our team members have diverse backgrounds such as Software Engineering, Web and Game Development and Computational Linguistics as well as diverse interests ranging from Robotics, UI | UX Design to Natural Language Processing.

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-- THANKS --
A big Thank You goes out to Progate for having us. Progate is an online platform for learning to code with more than half a million users, 700 companies and 80 schools.