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Lets Eat At Hot House Cafe Wed Buffet: Xmas Edition (Read Event Description)

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Let's Eat At The Hot House Cafe Wednesday Buffet!

*** Phil D is the host of this event. If you have any questions or concerns please post a comment in the section at the bottom of the page, or email him via the link on his profile page.


*****Please note: This is only open to Mad About Movies (MAM) members who haven't been No Show in any of my events in the last 2 months, or within the last two times they signed up for MAM events.

If you do not meet the criteria above, I will have to move you to Not Going.

Sorry, no guests on this one since space is limited. They will have to sign up to Mad About Movies and be on the Going list.

The latest time I will be pushing people to going is 11pm the night before (i.e Tues night), so if you're on the waiting list, make sure you check the day of the event if you've been moved to going.

**The lastest you can cancel out of the event without penalty is 10am of the event date, so make sure you are able to attend. It is extremely important you commit by the day of the event since this is Hot House Cafe's busy time of year**


Let's pay a visit to:

The Hot House Cafe Buffet!

The buffet is a bargain (Price will be posted on Converstation Wall later). The Hot House Cafe's entrees and meals usually range from $15 to $30, so this is a good deal. Plus you get soups, breads, and all the dessert you can eat. The food selection is mainly pasta, but they also have a meat carving station (I think it's roast beef and/or ham). They also have some fish and vegetarian selections. Beverages are not included in the price of the meal.

The Hot House Cafe is charging on separate bills, and will be adding a 15% gratuity (i.e. tip) to your bill.


Meetup Locations & Times

***When you RSVP 'Yes', please answer the question. I need to know who I should be expecting at King Station, and who will be going direct. Thanks!

If you're Taking TTC:

I will wait at King subway station near the ticket booths with my blue shoulder bag at 6PM. I will wait about 5min, then we will walk down to the Hot House Cafe as a group.

If you're coming by subway, you exit the subway platform near the back end of the train if you came from the direction of Finch/Bloor Stn, the front of the train if you came via the Union Stn direction. You should see an area with a ticket booth, turnstiles, and lots of people. If you don't, then you are in the wrong area, and you should walk back down to the subway platform and make your way to the other exit.

If you're going straight to Hot House Cafe:

Meet the group at the front desk area. Don't ask for 'Meetup' I'm not making reservations under any group name so they won't know what you are asking about. I will send an email the day before the event to let you know what the reservations are under.

Please be at Hot House Cafe by 6:10pm at the latest (I'm aiming to be there by 6:15pm with the group walking from King St subway station), so that when we show up from the TTC we can go in ASAP.


***Be on time. Latecomers might lose their spot. If the restaurant is busy, I will be giving up tables.


***Please keep an eye out for updates or changes to the time and venue up to the day of the event. If you are unable to attend, change your RSVP by 10am of the day of the event.

When you RSVP 'Yes' you are agreeing to the MAMM policy and the Liability Waiver posted in this link: