• Metaprogramming: The spookiest code you've ever seen

    Ten Forward Consulting

    We'll be looking at examples of spooky code that does more than you think. Metacode, monkeypatches, open classes, and more things can (but probably shouldn't) do with Ruby. LOCATION UPDATE We thought we'd be in the midst of construction, but our permitting process has been delayed (a warlock clearly hexed it) - so we're available to host after all! We'll provide fizzy water, snacks, and some grownup beverages. 🎃 DETAILS The building is wheelchair accessible (incl. an elevator) and has gender neutral bathrooms. There's a small parking lot in the back, and street parking out front. We're also close to multiple bus lines.

  • What exactly is webpack, and how does it work with Rails?

    Rails 5.1 introduced the integration of the webpacker gem to replace part of the Asset Pipeline with webpack. Rails 5.2 improves support by upgrading the supported webpacker version to 3.0. But what is webpack? And what can it provide your Rails application? Zachery Moneypenny will explain webpack from the ground-up, as well as provide some examples of how the rails integration works. He’ll also talk about the future of asset handling in Rails, and deliver the HOTTEST of TAKES (*stage whisper* he doesn’t like the asset pipeline). SCHEDULE The first half hour is for socializing / fighting traffic / writing your nametag in calligraphy / etc. Feel free to arrive any time between 5:30 and 6pm! Zach's talk won't start until 6. ABOUT ZACH Zachery Moneypenny is a Principal UI Engineer at Roche Sequencing Solutions. Though much of his career has been spent working on a variety of desktop applications and web backend services, he’s currently designing and building frontend applications using Angular and React. In addition to software development, Zachery has always been passionate/angry about the broken software interview process and runs the YWeb Career Academy Mock Interview program as well as the Technical Interviewing Meetup. He’s been googling how to fix nokogiri install errors since 2008.

  • Workshop: How to speak at a tech conference

    UPDATE: We'll be providing pizza! ------------------------ Join Amy Unger (senior software engineer at Heroku) and Hilary Stohs-Krause (software developer at Ten Forward Consulting) for a hands-on talk about speaking at tech conferences, just in time to submit to the RubyConf 2018 call for proposals! - Discuss the benefits of conference-speaking (and how to sell it to your supervisor!) - Brainstorm topics you could speak about - Learn how the submission process works - Write a sample submission and receive feedback from fellow MadRailers DETAILS Arrive anytime between 5:30 and 6:00pm for socializing and networking; at 6pm, Amy and Hilary will give a 15- to 20-minute presentation, and the rest of the time will be for attendees to brainstorm topics and write submission drafts! ABOUT MADWORKS COWORKING Madworks has an accessible entrance and giant parking lot, and is located a few blocks from West Transfer Point. They'll provide water, coffee and tea, and beer is available for $2.

  • Learn about Rails 5.2 and meet new MadRailers organizers!

    MadRailers has some new organizers joining the team: Brian Samson and Hilary Stohs-Krause from Ten Forward Consulting! (http://tenforward.consulting) To celebrate, we're hosting June's MadRailers event at Vintage Brewing on the west side. Brian will be giving a talk all about Rails 5.2, released in April, and Ten Forward is sponsoring *free drinks and apps*. 📝 DETAILS We've reserved the back room; just ask at the host stand, and they'll direct you. Vintage has ample parking, and is across the street from the West Transfer Point bus stop. We'll have socializing and networking from 5:30pm to 6pm, with Brian's talk starting at 6pm. Feel free to stick around after the talk to continue chatting with folks! #RubyFriends 🗣 THE TALK "Rails 5.2 was released in April of 2018, most notably including a new, first-class file upload library called ActiveStorage. It also finally tackled the problem of encrypted secrets, as well as improved caching, better security & performance and of course MOAR JAVASCRIPT. I'll highlight these features and talk through our migration of a complex Rails app to 5.2, including our experience adopting and running ActiveStorage and Credentials in production for the past 2 months." 🤓 THE NEW ORGANIZERS Brian Samson is a long-time Rails-er and founder / president of Ten Forward Consulting, a growing Rails and mobile shop here in Madison. He also heads Madworks Coworking over at University Research Park, and is on the organizing committee for Madison Startup Weekend. He tweets kids, tech and entrepreneurship at https://twitter.com/samsonasu. Ask him about his favorite Star Trek characters. --------------- Hilary Stohs-Krause is a full-stack Rails software developer at Ten Forward. She's a frequent conference and meetup speaker (including RailsConf and SXSW) and helps organize all the things (Madison Women in Tech, Forward Technology Conference, Madison Startup Weekend, and now MadRailers!). She tweets tech, puns and intersectional feminism at http://twitter.com/hilarysk. Ask her about her favorite fantasy books.

  • MadRailers Meetup

    Madison Public Library

  • Python Through a Ruby Lens

    Madison Public Library

    I've been working primarily in Ruby for the past few years, but I was a Pythonista for a long time before that. I recently finished up a client project in Python, and it gave me a chance to reflect on coming back to the language after a while away. I created a short presentation for my coworkers called "What's Interesting About Python", and I'd like to share a version of that presentation with MadRailers. == About the Speaker == Casey Brant is a computer programmer at Adorable IO, a software and design consultancy in Madison (Adorable also buys our pizza each month). He loves programming, gaming, and writing short bios in the third person.

  • What can Ruby learn from Elixir?

    Madison Public Library

    Elixir is an exciting language that's been picking up more and more steam lately. Its design was heavily influenced by Ruby, but influence can go both ways. What can Ruby and Rubyists learn from Elixir? Let's watch one of my favorite talks from Elixir and Erlang expert Saša Jurić then discuss how we can bring those ideas back home to our own Ruby and Rails development. And, of course, pizza!

  • Side Project Night

    Madison Public Library

    Let's show off our side projects! Bring an existing project or a new idea. Bring your laptop or just bring your brain and find somebody to pair up with! We'll spend the first half of the meeting hacking, and then we'll each get a few minutes to talk about what we were working on. Ruby and Rails are encouraged, but if you only have a side project in another toolset then you're still welcome :)

  • Mob Programming

    Madison Public Library

    Mob Programming Mob Programming is what you get when you have all the brilliant people working on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and on the same computer. This MadRailers, we're going to get interactive and work together as a mob! We'll start with a quick overview of the ideas and goals behind mob programming, then work through a coding exercise together. You don't need to bring anything, but you do need to come ready to think about code! All experience levels welcome. Come in out of the cold, enjoy some pizza, and have fun mobbing with us!