• International Firgun Day 2020

    Online event

    Hebrew Follows- "Say Something Nice, Make Someone Happy" The 7th International #FirgunDay is coming on July 17th 2020, and you are invited to join, VIRTUALLY, from anywhere in the world sharing the spirit of #Firgun (Hebrew: פרגון) - an act of kindness performed solely to make another person feel good. * So, How do you celebrate FirgunDay? You come up with a Firgun — a compliment, a kind word, a small pat on the back — for someone (person, business or group) and post it on any of your social networks, adding a photo or video and the hashtag #Firgun. That's it! * Don't have a good #Firgun? Try www.firgunator.com , the automatic #Firgun generator * For more info and partnership please contact us: [masked] * יום הפרגון הבינלאומי השביעי יחגג ב-17 ביולי 2020 ואתם מוזמנים להצטרף מכל מקום בעולם, לחלוק את ערך הפרגון ולעשות לאנשים קצת טוב על הלב. אז מה עושים כדי לחגוג את יום הפרגון? בוחרים אדם, עסק או ארגון שמגיע לו #פרגון, מפרסמים בפייסבוק, טוויטר, ווטסאפ, אינסטגרם או איפה שבא לכם עם ההאשטאג #Firgun, ומסבירים למה בחרתם דווקא אותו/ה, עם תמונה. זה הכל! שתפו את האירוע עם חברים ועזרו לנו להפיץ את ערך הפרגון. אנא הזמינו חברים, שתפו ופרגנו! אין לכם רעיונות? כנסו לפירגונטור, מחולל הפרגונים האוטומטי: www.firgunator.com אירוע בפייסבוק: https://www.facebook.com/events/805545733230168/ אירוע "מפרגנים לעסקים: https://www.facebook.com/events/975472492887124/

  • International Women's Day W/ Fem JLM, Facebook DevC & El HaLev

    El Halev אל הלב

    SAVE THE DATE! This event has been postponed due to the Corona Virus outbreak. This event is open to women and men. Join us in this joint venture in which we celebrate women and men alike, being proactive about creating an equal-opportunity society. For the official 2020 International Women's Day, Fem JLM is delighted to invite all members of our community to partake in a blend of personal and professional development. Together with Facebook Developer Circle: Jerusalem DevC and El Halev אל הלב, we will discuses the professional and personal aspects of self-development. There will also be a hands-on workshop, run be El HaLev. Registration here obligatory: https://airtable.com/shru6geyyY67UVCJS There will be inspirational speakers from Facebook and El HaLev, plus a hands-on workshop with El HaLev. Developing and strengthening oneself is relevant to everyone; we all have our own unique strengths and abilities. Some of us already know how to use them, and some not just yet - Either way, we will connect to ourselves, learn how this impacts every aspect of our lives, and grow from an empowered place individually as well as collectively. Knowing your strength is an integral part of knowing your self-worth and value. Knowing your own capabilities is important for walking taller, feeling better about yourself, taking risks, negotiating in business, and so much more. Facebook event: https://bit.ly/3aEe1fo