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Welcome! Come learn and practice a powerful, effective, gentle self-help tool in a safe, supportive, FUN environment. Discover how to effectively & painlessly conquer phobias and fears; calm anxiety; alleviate physical pain; overcome blocks to success; control cravings & weight issues; reduce and often remove the emotional hold of past traumas; address relationship issues; and much more.

EFT (emotional freedom techniques) is a breakthrough healing tool that uses tapping with one's fingers on a series of specific acupuncture points on your head, face and upper torso while focusing on a particular issue or negative belief. By directly addressing the body's energy system this way, effective and often rapid emotional healing and clearing of negative limiting beliefs can take place.

Don't worry; you don't need to know anything about EFT to attend and get all the benefits. Everyone is welcome . . . from Beginners to those with EFT experience.

Group members can take turns tapping with me for short, but powerful mini-sessions, but are not obligated to do so. Members are free to keep their issues totally private. There is never any pressure to disclose anything or come up in front of the group! You can participate without taking a turn yourself—it still feels great and can help with your issues just by tapping along with the group.

Tap away fear, painful memories, negative emotions, self-sabotage and limiting ideas. Experience the amazing benefits of doing EFT in a Group. Tapping in a group also adds a wonderful feeling of camaraderie.

So come join us for an evening of easy healing. Why put off feeling better? Get real relief right away!

Please Note: this group is not appropriate for dealing with really serious trauma like rape, molestation, violent assault, combat memories, etc. If you have something that intense, a private session is the way to go.

As always: Bring a water bottle (and bring a friend if you like). But PLEASE RSVP if you want to come.

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