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If you, your child, family member, spouse, or a friend, have Asperger's Syndrome or is a high-functioning Autistic this group may be for you. If you're someone who works regularly with children on the spectrum and wish to learn more, this could be a group for you as well. Please share your knowledge, trials, and tribulations with those who join. Also, members who are on the spectrum are also encourage to share their knowledge. Parents (such as myself) and spouses certainly need understanding, guidance and knowledge of what it's like being the parents/mother/father/spouse/friend of one with Asperger's. Please note, this group is open to those on the spectrum, as well as those who are not, so it's a mixed group of Aspies and neurotypicals (those not on the spectrum), who have sought out a group to help them with their young children, teens, adult children, spouse. or friend. Please respect this issue. If you're looking for a group of just those on the spectrum, this group isn't for you. We are an all inclusive group, we all learn from each other.

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