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Hi cavemen and caveladies,

I plan on doing the Madison Polar Plunge next year on February 9th. If there is enough interest, I thought this would be a good activity to do as a group! We can make a team with a paleo themed name and dress up the day of the plunge. Naturally, a cookout would follow. I live a few blocks from the Vilas Zoo and would be happy to host.

Here is a link to the Madison Polar Plunge:
http://www.kintera.or... (

And here is a link to some of the benefits of cold water therapy:
http://www.marksdaily... (

Looking forward to some ice on the lakes!


EDIT #1: Feel free to come to the cookout even if you don't do the plunge!

EDIT #2: Here is a link to the team website. ( Please join if you plan to do the plunge with us! Donations are also welcome of course.

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