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(June 1st, 2013) Current campaigns on Tuesday nights:Champions/Hero System, Empire of the Petal Throne, Song of Ice and Fire, Microlite 74, and Savage Worlds. Descriptions below!

Inception (Champions/Hero System, 5th edition): Due to failing human/super relations the government has stepped in and created a Public Relations Super Team to be ambassadors of goodwill to the nervous human citizens of the United States. Will the Team have to face more serious problems than kissing babies and taking photos?

Mighty Jakalla! (Empire of the Petal Throne): Adventurers fresh from the Southern Continent seeking their fortunes in the City Half as Old as the World. Delve into ancient tombs in the Underworld, or seek adventure elsewhere in the Five Empires. Set in the world of Tekumel, using the original 1975 TSR game with house rules.

The Savage World of My Little Pony (Savage Worlds): In the 950th year of the Solar Princess a group of adventures meet in the town of Pisa. With the entirety of Equestria before them, what legends will they make.

Bob's Modern-Era Game (Savage Worlds): short-term modern-era campaign; details to follow.

A Rumor of Ravens (Song of Ice and Fire): This is the tale of two houses. One, in the North, bannermen of Roose Bolton, face a tragic mystery. The second, in the South, is asked to perform a secret task for a powerful man. When playing the games of thrones, failure is death. However, victory is also usually death...

The weekly meetup is a chance to play vintage role-playing games or more modern games which emulate that style of gameplay. If you've never played Original D&D, AD&D 1st Edition, Classic Traveller, or similar games, here's your chance. The list of games varies from week-to-week; open campaigns are encouraged. Look for the Madison Traditional Gaming sign to inquire about more information.

Our regular schedule is:

6-7pm - Gamers arrive; game session set-up; sign-in and socialize 7-10pm - Game sessions 10pm - Pegasus Games closes There are several restaurants within a short walk from the game store; feel free to bring food to the game, but also be ready to clean up afterwards. Thanks! Hope to see you there!