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Madison Traditional Gaming - May

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Third Saturday of the month regular Meetup!

The monthly meetup is a chance to play vintage role-playing games, some of which you might not have played before. If you've never played Original D&D, AD&D 1st Edition, Classic Traveller, or similar games, here's your chance.

This month's featured games:

Traveller - Shadow Company: TF3 Blood Ties [Traveller MTU]

In the far future man has gone to the stars to find them crowded with life and some other sentient races. The Byzantium Sector is an isolated region of space cut off from the remaining sea of stars belonging to humanity. The sector survives primarily through the rule of seven great noble houses all vying for power and control. Though open warfare is rare, small scale operations are not uncommon as part of the noble house’s vast array of tools to gain power and influence. Shadow Company is an elite military unit of “franks” (short for “Frankenstein”: A “human” grown, modified through genetics and cybernetics, to ordered specifications) in service of the Devi branch of House Moskava on the planet Minerva. The Shadows have faithfully served Duke and Duchess Devi-Moskava since the unit’s creation and became their most successful team. This has afforded the Shadows some favor with them as honored and loyal members of the house. After a long campaign aiding a moderate faction (disposed to Moskava favor) gain control of their country in a bloody three way civil war, Shadow Company is called home personally by Duke Leopold. The Shadows deserve a rest and the duke has some very good news worth personally sharing and celebrating with the unit. Yet nothing is ever that simple for Shadow Company. Even in times of celebration the Shadows are drawn into a mission that only they can accomplish, a mission that will decide the fate of House Devi-Moskava.

AD&D (2nd edition, variant)
Start in the normal, travel through the mysterious and end in wondrous.
Exploration, Adventure, and Loot for low level characters.

Our regular schedule is:

9-9:30am - Gamers arrive; game session set-up; sign-in and socialize
9:30am - Game sessions begin
Lunch break (this is variable, depending on events)
After lunch - Game sessions continue; new games may start
5pm - Library closes
There are several restaurants within a short walk from the library - and then gaming until we're done.

Hope to see you there!