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(September 2nd, 2014) Current campaigns on Tuesday nights: AD&D, Microlite 74, Superlite, Werewolf, Pendragon.

Here are the games we are starting September 2nd 2014:

Shadows in the Darkness (Bob C.)
AD&D, 1st Edition
Sandleberry Sound, baronial seat, fishing community and trade hub with the goblin nations to the north. Up to now, there was no reason to think of it differently...

Evo (Tristan P.)
Shortly after the asteroid over Russia explodes the inhabitants of Earth are either dead, dying, or something else? The remnants of the shard that fell are mutating people. What do you do with two extra arms?

Light and Dark (Tony H.)
AD&D 2nd Edition
The world is old, civilizations have risen and fallen, ancient powers of Light and Dark sleep. A balance between the powers of Light and Dark has been kept for ages. But now that balance has shifted and the power of the Dark is rising. Stop the Machinations of the Dark and help bring the world back to the side of Light.

Vampires Gone (Lisa G.)
Werewolf: The Apocalypse
Fifty-some years ago, the Shifter-Vampire war in the United States ended with the establishment of a vampire "reserve" - the state of Wisconsin. Last week, a vampire stumbled across the border, claimed that all other vampires were dead, and then himself died. A pack of werewolves and shifter friends are tasked to investigate.

The Neverburning Forest (Liz A.)
Microlite 74
Here, tales and myths of magic are oft dismissed as rumor and superstition. Yet stories have begun to circulate of strange happenings, of trees that don't burn, of rocks that glow with an unnatural light, of people developing bizarre powers. As the possibilities for greatness and power increase, so too do the dangers...

One Day, a King Will Come (Ed McG.)
Pendragon, 4th Edition
It is a dark time, the lawless years after the death of Uther Pendragon. Your liege, King Uriens, has just consolidated his rule of the northern land of Gorre, and he will need knights fair and just to navigate the momentous changes approaching. A prophecy states that "one day, a king will come, and the sword will rise, again." Will you see that day?

The weekly meetup is a chance to play vintage role-playing games or more modern games which emulate that style of gameplay. If you've never played Original D&D, AD&D 1st Edition, Classic Traveller, or similar games, here's your chance. The list of games varies from week-to-week; open campaigns are encouraged. Look for the Madison Traditional Gaming sign to inquire about more information.

Our regular schedule is:

6-7pm - Gamers arrive; game session set-up; sign-in and socialize

7-10pm - Game sessions

10pm - Pegasus Games closes

There are several restaurants within a short walk from the game store; feel free to bring food to the game, but also be ready to clean up afterwards. Thanks! Hope to see you there!