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(April 15th, 2014) Current campaigns on Tuesday nights: Star Wars d6, Savage Worlds, OD&D, Microlite 74

Terminal Reset (Jeff G.)(We will be using the West End Games Star Wars d6 system. Jedi need not apply) Grifters, Smugglers, Slicers, Thugs, and Thieves snatched from the jaws of death. Under the orders of a mysterious benefactor our players will work to accomplish a series of tasks to reclaim their lives while earning a healthy profit. The game is taking place near the outer rim about 2 to 3 years after the Battle of Endor.

Aldwyr (Victor R.)(Heavily house-ruled Original D&D – leave your preconceptions at the door) New civilizations emerge after magical cataclysms in the dim past; a bright dawn to a new day. Yet, eldritch horrors lurk and ancient powers await their opportunity to dominate the world and subject it to their will. Some seek to wake these dreadful mysteries, while others would work to oppose them. Which role would you take?

Circlet of Power (Tristan P.)Circlet of Power (Microlite 74): Live your life on the run from the Empires agents, who hunt those who still hold onto the old Magics of the past. Explore the northern coastal regions, careful not to entice the attention of hungry Lizard Hunters, or crawl your way through ancient mountain tunnels where your history books can guide you no more...

Undaunted Courage (Ed. McG.)(Savage Worlds) In January 1960, President Howard was informed by Star Corps that a giant UFO had entered our system and was on target to intercept Earth. The President called on his old friend, Professor Nathaniel Courage, and soon his experimental orbiter, the X-60 was renamed the Undaunted, and prepped for launch on Seagate City's Alameda launch facility. The Undaunted was crewed by the people Courage trained and trusted most: his family. What happened next would change the course of human history…

The Sheffield-Hartfeld Expedition (Travis M.)
(Savage Worlds) In 1924 Antarctica is the last truly unexplored frontier on the planet. The expedition offers decent pay and possible renown, and all you have to deal with are cold, ice, and penguins, right? But then why is it so strangely provisioned? Why so many weapons and explosives? The financier, Lord Sheffield, is obviously expecting something more, but has been tight lipped so far.

Savage Worlds of My Little Pony (Bob C.)(Savage Worlds) In the 950th year of the Solar Princess a group of adventures meet in the town of Pisa. With the entirety of Equestria before them, what legends will they make.

The weekly meetup is a chance to play vintage role-playing games or more modern games which emulate that style of gameplay. If you've never played Original D&D, AD&D 1st Edition, Classic Traveller, or similar games, here's your chance. The list of games varies from week-to-week; open campaigns are encouraged. Look for the Madison Traditional Gaming sign to inquire about more information.

Our regular schedule is:

6-7pm - Gamers arrive; game session set-up; sign-in and socialize

7-10pm - Game sessions

10pm - Pegasus Games closes

There are several restaurants within a short walk from the game store; feel free to bring food to the game, but also be ready to clean up afterwards. Thanks! Hope to see you there!