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A Vegan, On Rocks
• What we'll do Vegan on the Rocks presents “Vegan, on Rocks.” Emma, a PhD student in geochemistry, will give us a tour of the UW Geology Museum (1215 W Dayton St.). Admission is free and collections range from Wisconsin meteorites to early Silurian (~ 430 million years ago) fossils to an exhibit on the origin of life and the Archean Earth (4 to 2.5 billion years ago). Pictured in the Meetup description is an artist's rendition of how the Earth may have looked during the late Hadean and early Archean eras, around 4 billion years ago. Rocks aren’t specifically related to veganism, but Emma is! Afterwards, we’ll head over to Emma's place (1016 Vilas Ave., 10-15 minute walk from the museum) for a vegan brunch potluck! Please bring a small dish to share. • What to bring Just yourself! • Important to know Consider how you might store your brunch dish while at the museum. I can store a couple of dishes in my office, on the third floor of the building the museum is in, but have limited refrigerator space.

Geology Museum

1215 W Dayton St · Madison


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Vegan on the Rocks, formerly "Madison Vegan Drinks", started as a place to get together and have drinks with like minded people. We'll pick a place each month that serves liquor and beer, serves vegan food, is friendly and in a convenient spot.

The day of the week will change so those with a problem on one night of the week will have an opportunity to attend!

Open to vegans and non-vegan friends. This is a great opportunity to learn more about veganism at one's own pace with a beer in hand. Of course drinking alcohol isn't a requirement either! Your drink of choice is up to you.

A note: non-vegans and the "vegan-curious" are more than welcome to any of our events (we love having you here!), but for the comfort of all attending, and in the spirit of Vegan Drinks across the country, please keep your food orders vegan. We'll be happy to help you with suggestions. Just ask!

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