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This is a group for anyone interested in creative entrepreneurship and seeking to learn, network and develop around art and tech. I'm the founder of TheArtian.com an initiative that explores the influence of art and design as creative fields on business, entrepreneurship, and innovation. We desire to bring entrepreneurs, artists and other creative professionals together.

We're looking to highlight what does it mean to be an entrepreneur in the art world, why artists and entrepreneurs are alike, how technology influence art and culture and why entrepreneurs and business professional should engage with creative fields.

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Inventing a New Musical Instrument – an Innovation Journey to Learn From

We are back on Campus Madrid, and this time we will host Madrid-based flutist and researcher Julián Elvira. Elvira has been working in the last 25 years on a new type of flute, a musical instrument which is part of the woodwind group. His incredible journey led him to develop a device that can reshape and invent the way we experience music. His flute is the last step of the modern flute development based on physical and mathematical conclusions of the instrument. If a regular flute can produce 55,000 tunes, Elvira's flute can produce more than 11,000,000; imagine the possibilities, Elvira has opened to us all! This is a unique opportunity to learn about innovation, persistence, vision, and execution. Elvira's story connects science, mathematics, technology, art and above all - Passion. This event is relevant to everyone – whether you are an aspiring artist, tech entrepreneur or business professional. The event will include a short performance by Elvira. THE EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE IN SPANISH and require registration via the link: http://bit.ly/tac0319eb Ten en cuenta que para acceder al evento se realizará un doble control de acceso por parte de Google for Startups y la organización del evento. Llega con antelación al evento y no olvides tu tarjeta para evitar colas si ya eres miembro Schedule: 18:30 - Opening Doors and Registration 19:00 - Julian Elvira Keynote and Performance 19:50 - Audience Q&A Speaker's Bio: Madrid-based flutist and researcher Julián Elvira has become one of the most international, original and innovative personalities. The uniqueness of the artist comes from his outstanding improvisation performance as well as particular acoustic blend based on different cultures forming a distinctive language and aesthetic. Elvira graduated from the Spanish 'Real Conservatorio Superior de Música' in Madrid. He then moved to Budapest where, the creation of his Pronomos Flute, his lifetime project, initiated thanks to the professor Mr.I. Matuz. It is the last step of the modern flute development based on physical and mathematical conclusions of the instrument. Currently, he is principal flute at the ‘Banda Sinfónica de Madrid’ and takes part of the sextet Le 7me Continent created by the Franco-German double bass player Pascal Niggenkemper. He holds a Ph.D. in music from the 'Universidad Complutense of Madrid' and won the Jazz Station L. A. awards in 2016.

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