• Five Mistakes I Made as an Email Marketing Newbie

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    ***We are much more active on the Madrid Blogger Network Facebook Group, please join us there!*** https://www.facebook.com/groups/madridbloggernetwork/ Come join us for our April event as we focus on Email Marketing! I'm so excited to finally have an event for this much anticipated topic. Our guest speaker is the lovely and talented, Spain-longtimer, Cat Gaa 🙌🏼. A bit more about Cat and the event below: ✨About Cat✨ Cat Gaa left the skyscrapers of Chicago for the olive groves of Southern Spain in 2007. After nearly ten years in the classroom, a job offer led her to Madrid and landed her in a new sector that aligned more with her career goals (and got her mom off her back about that expensive undergraduate degree in journalism). In her day job as an admissions counselor Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus, 50% of her time is focused on targeting messaging and database upkeep, which lead to a 360º redesign of messaging to prospective students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. In her (limited) free time, Cat maintains Sunshine and Siestas, an expat blog, and COMO Consulting Spain, a residency consultation page. ✨Event Summary✨ Email marketing can be a personal, high impact way to raise brand awareness, engage consumers and ultimately sell more. Analytics allow you to enhance and tweak your messaging and branding, and studies show that readers are spending more time reading emails. But, your lists are only as good as your data, and getting started is half of the battle. In this presentation, I will touch on Five Mistakes I Made as an Email Marketing Newbie and how to remedy crappy data, indecipherable white pages and exploit your 15-20 seconds in front of a reader. We'll also explore GDPR, coming up with a comm flow from scratch and using my real-world examples from a year of fumbling through Mailigen. Location TBD! - 19:30 - 20:00: Mix, Mingling, and Introductions - 20:00 - 20:10: Brief Intro to Madrid Blogger Network - 20:10 - 21:10: Presentation/Q&A - 21:15 - 22:15: Stick around to mingle some more

  • How to Create and Manage a Cross-Platform Presence

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    ***We are much more active on the Madrid Blogger Network Facebook Group, please join us there!*** https://www.facebook.com/groups/madridbloggernetwork/ How to Create and Manage a Cross-platform Community Facebook groups are the perfect space to unify people around an idea, get the conversation going, and connect your tribe. But your online audience probably exists beyond Facebook and you want to capture their attention too. In order to reach more people and build your brand, it’s wise to leverage supporting platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, a blog, and podcast. However, juggling everything isn’t easy, which is why companies have teams dedicated to this. But how do you manage a cross-platform community and create content for multiple channels when you are just on person? About Cepee Cepee Tabibian is a social media marketer and community manager. She currently works with clients in the travel, technology and health and wellness fields and spends all of her free time on her side-hustle She Hit Refresh. She Hit Refresh is an online community for women age 30 and over who want to break free from routine and start a life of travel. It has grown into a Facebook community of over 4,000 members in just 1-year and has expanded to a blog, podcast, and upcoming retreat. Building engaged communities is her passion and when she isn’t working on She Hit Refresh, she’s running Madrid’s largest community for blogger and content creators, Madrid Blogger Network. Most recently she was selected as the co-lead of the Facebook Community Leadership Circle, Madrid group. A group to connect community leaders in person to learn from each other and grow. Schedule: - 19:30 - 20:00 Mix and Mingling - 20:00 - 20:10 - Intro to Madrid Blogger Network - 20:10- 21:10 - Presentation + Q&A - 21:10 - 22:15 - Mix and Mingle some more!

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