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Asynchronous Event Streams

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For our first 2016 Meetup we're really really happy to have Tim Ward with us. Tim works as the CTO of Paremus Ltd.

Asynchronous and event-driven programming models are great for processing data, whether it's sensors in homes, or metrics from a web server farm, event streaming is a tool for analyzing data that can be produced at any time.

Whilst Java 8 Streams have begun to teach developers about streaming, it's still stuck with a pull model. How do you cope with push-based events without blocking and timeouts? Rx Java Observables, and the Actor pattern provide a different abstraction, but wouldn't it be great to keep the simplicity of Streams with the power of asynchronous push-based events?

This talk will describe the prototyping work happening in OSGi's Distributed Eventing RFC, using streams and promises to build event processing pipelines.

You can find more info about the topic of the talk here