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Top Hat Tuesdays (Dinner & Magic Show)

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Come and join us for another night of Top Hat Tuesdays! We have an unforgettable night of magic and mystery lined up, featuring some of the country’s best entertainers!

Top Hat Tuesdays are a celebration of the magical arts, showcasing the best of Melbourne’s local and travelling magicians.

Join us on July 2nd as Andy Von Bibra hosts a night filled with plentiful twists and turns. As Australia’s answer to Uri Geller, Andy will leave you marvelling at his “mind-bending” abilities! And for one night only, he’ll be joined by some unmissable local and international acts.

Alex Jin (Korea) – International guest star, Alex Jin, will quickly have you spellbound by his dynamic stage act. Packed with impossible illusions, sleight of hand, and a healthy dose of laughs, you’ll quickly discover why Alex has taken Melbourne by storm! Vyom Sharma – From sold out shows including Chapel off Chapel’s Seven Stories and the Comedy Festival’s A Modern Deception, Vyom is an undoubtable magic talent and one very polished performer. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to catch his acclaimed solo act. Ben Sheldon – This young magician has exploded onto the magic scene over the last year, bringing fresh, smart magic routines to the stages of Melbourne. Now you can catch this tantalizing sneak peak of Ben’s upcoming magic festival show, ‘The Mystery Box’. Duck Cameron – Returning to Top Hat Tuesdays as one our most revered acts of last year, Duck brings over 25 years experience appearing at corporate events, casinos, weddings, cruise ships and high profile parties for movie stars, rock stars and even royalty. His portrayal of the classic magician reminds one of the elegance of an era lost and yet his sharp and often hilarious routines keep audiences on the edge of their seats! For more information, please visit our website: (


Hi Meetup group!

We've always found it improves our experience if we've caught up together ahead of the show. Let's go for dinner from 6:00In the absence of other suggestions, I've picked the "Chilli Cafe" - just around the corner (see map above). Don't worry if you're someone who doesn't like chilli, only a few of their dishes actually have chilli (they're marked), and they have a wide range for cheap prices. I'll reserve a table. Even if you don't want to eat out, please come and meet with us anyway. It's a social event :-)

IMPORTANT!!! The price will be $15 , unless we can get 10 or more people. I'll be flogging the event to lots of people, but it would be great if you can try to get some extras as well.