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Calling all Digital Marketing Professionals, Social Media Practitioners, Online Traffic Generators, Content Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Learners, and Small Business Owners.

We are experiencing a disruptive wave with the advent of Digital Marketing, Social Media Platforms, Content Marketing, Online Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, and Video/ Mobile Marketing. It has created unprecedented ways to grow our brand and achieve steady success in our careers and businesses.

This is the new economy where we are witnessing that the individuals have a plethora of tools and techniques available to them. It is allowing them to become brands in themselves by presenting and monetizing unique abilities they have. In many cases, we are finding that they are challenging and shattering the corporate brands. On the same token, with Internet Commerce and Online techniques, businesses are also able to achieve new breakthroughs that they were not able to attain before.

In short, Digital Marketing and the new internet economy have become game-changers. Together, let's take a walk on the new cyber lane and see how it can benefit us to grow personally and professionally.

Looking forward to exchange ideas, discuss strategies, what is working vs what is not working, share knowledge, provide value-add, and grow together.

Warm regards and welcome again.

--Makarand Utpat

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