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This meetup is going to be on the Educational side. I will explain, over many meetups, the chapters in my book "The George E. Sutherland Theory of The Magnetic Particle & New Laws of Physics" after i have explained the physics to you then i will explain my second book
"SNEPS Technology, Sutherland Negative Energy Propulsion Systems" to follow with Books 3 "The 6X Quantum Propulsion Systems powered by Sipps Technology" and then book #4 "The Sneps Spaceship Propulsion Systems, Guidance Systems including The Sneps Space Highway"
The most difficult book for me to write, is the first book, Creating a New Realm of Physics, Creating an Understanding of What is on the inside of The Magnetic Particle, Creating Knowledge that our Education System does not have, was a challenge and It is so very nice to have accomplished that. Now i wish to share my Knowledge.
To be specific, today, January 1, 2018 The Peoples Republic of China have been reporting a death rate around 5 million citizens per year, thousands every day. It is my goal to help China save their 5 million citizens from Air Pollution each and every year.. In order to do that I am offering my Technology to The Peoples Republic of China so that Chinese Coal Electric Generating Stations can be renovated to be powered by Sneps Technology. I believe the Chinese will accept my Sneps Technology as it will be 50% cheaper than Chinese Coal is, plus 100% Pollution Free. No Air Pollution and No Toxic Waste and still equals Nuclear strength. Next is India, their death toll is around 3.5 to 4 million people per year. My thinking is to save human lives. Today all of my books are Theoretical Physics, what is Not Theory But Physical Fact are the 40 Negative Magnets that i have built. I was taught in school that it is impossible to have a negative only magnet, that is true, but after you understand what is on the inside of the Magnetic Particle, then you can understand how to build Negative Magnets.
This is Breakthrough Technology and I offer it here in Kitchener Waterloo first.
I would like to have the first Meetup inside Frederick Street Mall, Kitchener at the Food Court, on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 7 pm for one to two hours, see how it goes. Sorry about the short notice.
Anybody interested ??
Please email responses to: GeorgeEdwardSutherland@gmail.com
or just walk in, it is a mall.

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