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Every journey starts with a single step forward.
What is Initial Awakening?
Often times, we catch ourselves feeling frustrated, confused, bored, or all of the above. Many questions float around our heads, and for every answer we think we receive, there are many more questions that follow.

Have you felt emotions & stress affect your health?
Have you felt memories affect your physical and emotional bodies?
Have you felt frustration in not knowing what to do or how to feel better?
Have you felt frustration in not being able to keep your center when faced with negative situations or people?
Are you repeating the same negative patterns over & over in your daily life?
Initial Awakening is an introductory workshop designed to connect with your inner light, and how to begin the journey of continued self-realization and responsibility.

‘Every journey starts with a single step forward.’
Overall goals of Initial Awakening:
Identify the meaning of ‘going inside’ through your body’s sensation
Identify your body’s condition, know yourself better
Find your center within and get the tools to stay there
Be able to feel energy and learn how to use it for improving physical and emotional health.
Identify with the second chakra; experience its purpose through the body’s sensation
Learn lower belly breathing and how to walk mindfully with a focus on your health.
Achieve the first level of Mastership of feeling energy and learning about your own energy blockages and patterns.