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The Main Course Restaurant - Hungarian and European Comfort Food Dinner


Europai etterem ahol magyar eteleket is szolgalnak fel. Meg soha nem probaltam, nem tudom, hogy pontosan milyen, de annak aki kozel lakik meger egy latogatast. Gyertek el, kostoljuk meg a foztjuket es beszelgessunk egyet!

Szolgalnak fel gulyast, paprikas csirket, toltott kaposztat es toltott paprikat... Nemelyiket meg haza is lehet vinni fagyasztva. Eleg pici a hely, ugyhogy 12 fosre tervezzuk. Akit erdekel, iratkozzon fel!


The Main Course in West LA serves a variety of European cuisine, including Hungarian.

It's a small, casual restaurant, not necessarily ideal for larger groups, so we will keep this outing to 12 people. I have never tried the food, so I cannot say how it is, but if you live on the westside and this is close to you, come by, try the food with us and join a few of your fellow Magyars for some Hungarian conversation.

From their menu:

Stuffed Cabbage $12.95

Two large steamed cabbage leaves stuffed with pure ground turkey, baked in sweet and sour sauce, served with real mashed potatoes, broccoli and carrots

Stuffed Bell pepper $12.95
With lean ground turkey and baked in tomato and basil sauce served with real mashed potatoes, broccoli and carrots

Chicken Paprikash $12.95
Taste you'll never forget! Hungarian dish, boneless, skinless chunks of chicken cooked in mild paprika and garlic sauce, served with real potatoes, broccoli and carrots

Hungarian Beef Goulash $14.95
Boneless, tender chunks of beef, marinated and cooked with fresh paprika, garlic, herbs, and seasonings, served with real mashed potatoes or noodles

They also have frozen food you can take home:
Beef Goulash - $7.95

Stuffed Cabbage - $7.95

Chicken Paprikash - $7.95

They serve many other things, soups, salads, sandwiches, other entres...You can find their menu here:

See you there.


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