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Aligning April: Transforming Anxiety into Aspiration
• What we'll do Hello lovely spiritual warrior magicians, I hope your month is going well. Come recharge your wand, -BTW if you are new, please feel free, this is a casual, empowering, and inspirational monthly meetup where you have carved out time for you to feel good and learn the best things you could ever learn in life. No matter where you are in life, new or a regular, it's never too late to start gearing to enjoy the rest of your life, making it the best of your life -which is what you will do here. Theres gloriuos empowering and inspiring information here for you, as well as countless success stories -I actually have to remember to share one of a former student this meeting. Put yourself first for once so that you can be more able to be there for others, and/or continue to put yourself first and here is where you figure out exactly what others you'de like to draw in your life. Everything remains confidential, and you can keep everything private if you wish and still greatly benefit from this monthly pouring of the best information you can learn for you. Thank you all, please bring a donation since it helps keep the meetup going, not to mention touches my heart greatly and helps me to power through the human parts of the month as well. However I am here to show you how to handle such human times, and with the most ease, flow, fun, and new beginning energy as possible. Thank you all so very much, and from the bottom of my heart to yours 🙏 ~*💖 *~ • What to bring notebook, pen, water • Important to know Every month is a fresh start.

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Create the Life you want in 17 seconds. Those of you that understand and are familiar with the Law of Attraction, now you have a place to go to ensure your focus, thus guaranteeing the life you want. Those of you unfamiliar with the Law of Attraction and universal law, will be introduced to the keys and magic of life. This will hand you the ores in this ocean of life. This meetup will empower and inspire you to create the life you really want, just by using what you already have, your mind. It's literally getting exactly what you want, just by feeling good. Some of us already know this yet still life can carry us away in situations, having us forget what control we really have over creating our own lives. This group sets aside time for you, to ensure you get back to the drawing board, and grab the ores to direct your life, where you really want it to be. We are all manifesting constantly anyway, its like breathing, we may as well consciuosly do it, so as to go and be in the direction of what we want. You can have, be, and do anything you want. Writing has been scientifically proven to be the strongest form of focus, so we will be writing in order to manifest, and it can remain private. People are free to share if they want. This will all be explained to you, and each meeting will help you more and more , as well as your mind sinking in these magical tools of life. Just bring a multi subject notebook and a pen, or your laptop, or preferably both. This will be as life changing as you want it to be, only good will come out of this! Allow for miracles

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