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Hi there, I'm Kristina the creator of the manifestational monthly meetup. I've collaborated with Kim Bushell to create a 1 time Vision Board Special Event in Mahopac, NY. Finally you won't have to pay airline fee's or get train tickets to the type of event that usually only Sedona, NYC, or Miami would have, and with much less cost.
We'll be meeting in the most professional suite of Mahopac Library from 9:45am until 2:30 pm with lunch included on Earth Day to create the blueprint for making the rest of your life the best of your life.
This special event will open your world up with the eye-opening and self-empowering skills and knowledge that we will instruct you on (so bring a notebook and pen) as well as allow you to create your new life's go-to Vision Board, that will become your life.
Many celebrities swear by this (Oprah Winfrey, Ellen, Katy Perry, Will Smith, Jim Carey, Jenny McCarthy, Rosie Odonnel, and many many more, as well as the ones that think they are still keeping it a secret), and we are here to provide the award-winning official format to you through this workshop.
Reserve this one half Saturday for yourself, so that you can create your lighthouse that you look towards and get to, in the ocean of this life.
Kim has taken an extensive(and expensive) program in Pro-Vision-Board formatting and formulating and is willing to share this life-changing information in this workshop. Between Kim's pro Vision Board knowledge, my life-coaching skills, and both of our intuitive & healing abilities, we are excited to provide this workshop for anyone looking to allow the rest of their lives to be the best of their lives.
All supplies will be provided for you to use and have a wide selection to choose from.
Shed your old ways and life residue for Spring, and Spring into the New You and New Life, with everything you barely allowed yourself to want. We will teach you how to easily allow everything you've ever wanted to experience, into your life with secret techniques that will last a lifetime, as well as your new Vision Board that we will teach you how to create right then and there, with your desires guiding you and ending up on the Board.
Give yourself this gift, you deserve it.
Anyone who's interested, we are running an Early Bird special if you register by 4/4/2017. Please feel free to contact Kim for any questions or inquiries, she would be happy to send you all of the information and packets about this wonderous day we will be providing, at 1(914)330-6191, and email her at specialk3190@yahoo.com
Many connections are made at these unique and rare like-minded and life-changing events, that sometimes will last a lifetime and at the very least, take you where you want to go.
Love and Light! Kristina and Kim

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