• Create a photographic Smell or Sound - The Maine Flower Show

    The Maine Flower Show will be held at Thompson's Point this year. The show "is one of the biggest gardening and horticultural shows in the region where landscapers, exhibitors, designers and horticulturists come together in one anticipated event. This year attendees aren't just observers - they will immerse in colors, smells, and sounds of the great state of Maine and experience its natural beauty firsthand." Our theme is to try and capture a "smell" or "sound" of any flower or plant you pick out. What we are looking for is an image that can capture not only the beauty of the botanical but also an impression of its scent or sound. The light, the shadows, the surrounding environment will contribute to this. Any lens will do. This exercise is not just meant for close-ups. Large formats are welcome. For more information you can look up "scent-o-graphy" to get an idea. Scent-o-graphy is scientific but it might spark some thoughts. Please check out - maineflowershow.com for directions to Thompson's Point, Parking and Tickets. There is construction going on and parking is probably best off-site with the use of a shuttle. Tickets average $20.00 and can be bought online or at local retailers indicated on the website.

  • Nighttime Shooting - Shawnee Peak

    Shawnee Peak

    Shawnee Peak is known for the best night skiing in Maine. The ski slopes are beautiful this time of year and we can practice our nighttime shooting. Shawnee Peak offers night skiing from 3:30pm until 9:00pm. This event is free unless you want to ski or buy food and drink. Please bring a flash. The weather is predicted to be on-and-off snow so maybe we can get some real fairy-tale snow globe landscape shots.

  • Photo Booth

    Cinemagic Clark’s Pond

    I've discovered a Photo Booth at Cinemagic Movie Theater and what fun! it can be. For $5 a pop we can get strips of fun time photos that simulate Andy Warhol's and all his Superstars! The photo is of Edie Sedgewick - one of the girls I idolized in Art School. Its a fun Winter-time activity plus you can see a movie afterwards! Bring your family and friends for a memorable time. Bring props for even more fun photos. Have fun with good memories.

  • Avedon at Portland Museum of Art

    Portland Museum of Art

    Avedon at Portland Museum of Art. How exciting! Come out of the cold and spend a little time in the warmth of the Museum. This exhibit is a set of 15 photographs circa 1970, called the Minneapolis Portfolio, where he became disillusioned with commercial work and breaks into using an 8x10 camera to capture the likeness of his sitters rather than the glamorous fashion images he is famously known for. Avedon is now using a white background, which separates his subject and detaches them from the world around them, instead of his typical grey. Recognizable identities are now shown as close-ups and as obscure, casting new light and perspectives on these well-known people. Lunch at Otto's at 12:00pm and then off to the Museum to look at these stunning images. There is a fee for lunch and museum admittance, remember it includes the whole museum and not just the Avedon Exhibit. Please look at the Museum's website for more information about Visiting.

  • Retouch Holiday Photos

    Coffee By Design

    Did you take a lot of Holiday pictures? I am planning this Event to help with retouching them. To get those good skin tones, eliminate any flare from lights, get rid of red/green eye and removing distracting objects, etc. Your photos will really pop with just a few tweaks from either Photoshop or Lightroom. I will show you quick fixes and we can play around with special effects. Bring a few pictures with you on a flash drive. You can also bring your laptop computer, too and I will show you on your version of Photoshop/Lightroom. Bring home skills you haven't had before.

  • Olson House

    Olson House

    This November let's photograph the Olson House. Located up in Cushing and made famous by Andrew Wyeth (view his most iconic painting - Christina's World). There is an entire history that goes into this location and the friendships formed by Mr. Wyeth and its two, sister and brother, residents Christina and Alvaro Olson. The Farnsworth Museum has been gracious in letting me take you onto the property even though the Olson House is closed for the season. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to photograph the house without the distraction of other guests. We will only be able to shoot the exterior so don't have any hopes up to view the interior except through the windows. I know its November and not as lush as a warmer weather Event but I have waited 1 1/2 years for this. After the Event "The Olson House as Photographers' Muse" which I had scheduled on July 8, 2017, where some of us visited the Farnsworth Museum to view this exhibit; now we have the chance to photograph it for ourselves. "...the Olson House has attracted...the attention of many talented American photographers who found its isolated site, weathered exterior and its serenely evocative interiors...an appealing subject for their own work." - Farnsworth Museum This Event would be a significant addition to anyone's portfolio. The cost is FREE. I'm afraid no guests allowed, only Members.

  • Fall Foliage - Vaughan Woods, Hallowell

    Vaughn Woods

    I'm stealing this little idea from Hunt's Photo and Video (were I buy most of my photo equipment). I can't help it, it looks like such a beautiful place to go for spectacular Fall Foliage and especially with its cute nickname of "Hobbitland". (I have never been here). "This set of trails is especially magical in the fall, when the leaves turn bright colors and the waterfalls run under beautiful carved stone bridges." - Hunt's Photo Education Please look at vaughanhomestead.org for directions and parking. Their exact address is 2.5 Litchfield Road, so again, please look at their website. Lenses for macro and standard shots. A tripod to capture the waterfall. And neutral density and polarizer filters. Large format cameras would be wonderful for this Event, too. Its forecasted to be 57° and sunny all day long. We are not going on the same day as Hunt's, so don't worry about conflict and my Event is FREE!

  • Landscape - Higgins Beach

    Higgins Beach Municipal Parking Lot

    Ahoy, there's a shipwreck at Higgins Beach! It is the Howard W. Middleton that was shipping coal up to Portland from Philadelphia in 1897 and wrecked offshore on the dreadfully foggy night of August 11. It eventually washed ashore because of a Winter storm. (www.higginsbeachmaine.com for the full story). We will celebrate its 121st anniversary but photographing it at low tide, which is only when you can see it. Please bring standard and telephoto/zoom lenses and if the tide is low enough you might be able to get in there with a macro. Neutral Density filters would be useful here, too and if we stay long enough we can get a great sunset. I just purchased an antique convex mirror, all the way from Belgium, that I would like to use to make some terrific shots with of the shipwreck. (I'm actually working on another mirror project but the convex would be really interesting). The weather is looking for 62° and sunshine. Low tide predicted for around 2:55pm and sunset for 5:38pm. Please wear appropriate shoes for stalking the wreck along the beach.

  • Book Club

    Coffee by Design

    I have changed the date and time for this Event, hopefully making it better for more of you to attend. We are continuing on with John Berger's "Ways of Seeing". This is a very simple book to read, with a lot of pictures. We will stay with this book through its completion of 7 chapters over the next 3 months. The assignment is to read the next 2 chapters, 3 & 4; up to page 81. We will meet and discuss this reading to help improve our minds in terms of the aesthetics with our photography, while enjoying coffee or tea and treats. I already own a copy but you can borrow or purchase one, inexpensively from any of the following places: 1. Your local Library or bookstore 2. Family/friend/teacher/someone you know 3. Portland Museum of Art gift shop or Maine Media Workshops & College bookstore 4. Froogle/Google Shopping 5. Alibris 6. Amazon 7. Some place I haven't listed

  • Landscape - Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

    Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

    "When one is photographing bigger things of nature, landscapes, you can't ever go back really, and get the same picture that you saw because when you go back it's not there anymore. The sun is different. The atmosphere is different. So one should never put off taking the picture if you see something. I found that out. Nothing is stationary. Nothing is permanent. Everything is changing. So what I try to do is to capture the moment outdoors." - Eliot Porter We can catch the end of the Summer and it is a little early for the Fall Foliage to take effect and turn its colors but the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge is nonetheless a beautiful place to photograph. Please bring any lens you wish, a tripod and neutral density filters. I just purchased a Tiffen graduated 0.6 (2 stops) ND and am anxious now to get the sky and water/land to match in their exposures. The weather is predicted for 63° and mostly sunny so if you are going to photograph in the forest area then bring your polarizer. Wear appropriate hiking clothes and shoes for wet land. Large formats cameras are always welcome as are guests of Members.