What we're about

Creative living encapsulates the creativity of the soul in everyday living; it fosters a new vision and a new approach to life experience and expression, one which portrays the wonder and beauty of eventual divine revelation.

Maitreya Sangha exists in various countries around the world. Our activities are freely offered to all (donations accepted) and are dedicated to practical realization of the oneness of all life; to fostering deep enquiry of spiritual unfoldment and its expression, and to the demonstration of a truer nature of brotherhood and Aquarian group principals.

Some our many activities are:

• meditations at the periods of the Full Moon
• study classes
• workshops
• seminars
• discussion groups
• occasional conferences
• activities to support the spiritual welfare and growth of children and the fostering of science, culture and the arts.

We seek the elevation of humanity and the expansion of the human consciousness, in all races, all cultures, all nations and ages, and work towards awakening a true spiritual identity of being human in our community.
Our efforts tend towards the advancement of a progressive education, the purposes of which are intended to develop an enlightened awareness of the truer spiritual nature of mankind, the fostering and practical expression of right human relations, and a global awareness that promotes universal cooperation between the nations in all the transactions of life.

• Our activities explore a wide variety of subjects that encourage a broadening perspective of the human state, in particular the various psychological questions of life, existence and responsibility.
• We cover subjects of spirituality, psychology and humanism, aimed at facilitating discussion and greater understanding of the differences as well as the similarities of all races and nations.
• We endeavour always to instil a sense of mutual respect and cooperation in serving and helping others who are in distress or less fortunate.
• We aim to engender a strong sense of human connectedness, tolerance and compassion, and are particularly focused on a non-sectarian, non-denominational and non-political outlook, promoting the essential equality of all.
• Our aim is to assist our attendees to develop sensitivity to others, to their needs and issues, so that each one in their own lives will attempt to live harmless, productive and compassionate lives.
• Through our discussions and studies, attendees gain new and fresh points of view that may assist them in handling issues and challenges in daily life.


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