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Problems of Humanity - Study Group
PROBLEMS OF HUMANITY Ongoing Study Group - meets Wednesday evenings Every day the media confronts us with images of turbulence, uncertainty, struggle and strain of a changing world, whether it be issues of sovereignty of nation-states, right or wrong view free market economies, the changing face of traditional religions, racial divides or ongoing climate debate. Not a day goes by without a news report of unrest in some part of our world. Systems that have served to this point appear to be under strain and are struggling to deal with the realities of a profoundly connected world. For some the vision of tomorrow is sure and sound and strong, while for others a profoundly limited future haunts their waking dreams. Is it lack of vision that hinders our world today and if so, what sort of vision is needed to address the underlying challenges facing humanity today? This ongoing study group will explore through a spiritual lens, far reaching implications as humanity is called to dig deep and harness its inner resources of intelligent love and skillful-action in order to successfully navigate its way through this growing integration facing us today. The study of the book Problems of Humanity will explore underlying causes and emerging trends rather than focus on specific events and current circumstances. · The Psychological Renewal of the Nations · Children, Youth & Education · Capital, Labour & Employment · Racial Divides · The Churches & Organised Religion · International Unity The question is - can we learn to set-aside, dissolve or resolve the barriers in consciousness that have separated race from race, religion from religion, class from class, each of us from one another and finally work as one humanity functioning together for the future of the world? The light of this inclusive view reveals the crisis of orientation of wrong attitudes and wrong values which lies at the heart of every problem. Greed, ignorance, selfishness and self-interest are the root cause of the distortion in human relationships which manifests as poverty, the arms race, racism or any other of our critical social ills. Concerned people of goodwill everywhere need a holistic informed view with a deeper understanding of the basic problems underlying the present world crisis, so we can contribute more effectively in the transition to a newer emerging consciousness and civilisation. In this study we will attempt to understand world events and so contribute our ideas towards possible solutions. Through study, discussion and meditation we can generate "thoughtforms of solutions and so aid in changing the climate of world thought. By a change in thought, we produce a different outcome, giving us the opportunity generate effective and practical change in world affairs, change which you can participate in through your own forms of service activity. __________________________________________________ The book Problems of Humanity written by Alice Bailey is not a political answer to humanity's problems but rather suggests forms of behaviour, attitudes and values humanity should impose upon itself. The study of this book will give us a spiritual perspective on specific problems and upon the world situation as a whole. Although this book was written in 1947 and the appearance of the issues have changed but the underlying causes unfortunately remain the same, while so much in the world as dramatically changed.

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