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Ongoing Study Group - meets Wednesday evenings


When we begin to consciously sense and awaken to the reality of our soul, we often find that our old ways of living and thinking seem to no longer satisfy or are not meaningful; questions, and even some confusion, may result within our own heart and mind.
When we realises that our life may actually be destined for a larger and more inclusive purpose than simply the fulfilment of our own immediate needs, desires and personal ambitions, questions naturally arise as the psyche is exposed to this transition; this expansion of awareness.
There is a great awakening taking place upon the planet, an infusion of the energy of the soul, the higher self, the Christ self. This infusion process is taking place on a personal and collective level and a tremendous shift taking place within humanity. We are awakening to a greater potential. We are moving away from being strictly intellect and personality cantered, into a more loving, wise, and inclusive awareness, guided by the impulses and influence of our own intuition and divine mature.
In this evolutionary process, questions naturally arise within one's heart and mind:
• Where do I exist within the grand scheme of things?
• Who is supporting me in soul growth and spiritual unfoldment when those around me do not seem to really understand the psychological and spiritual changes I am experiencing?
• What is all my spiritual effort actually leading to?
• Is there truly a Divine Plan underneath all the chaos I see in the world?
• How can I best serve and support others who are also experiencing this sometimes difficult and confusing process of soul infusion and personal awakening?
Each Wednesday night we will study text – at present we are studying a compilation, Treading the Way – excerpts from the works of Alice Bailey.
It is sincerely hoped that the passages offered in this study will help to elucidate and inspire those who are on the Path and Treading the Way; those who are awakening and experiencing the sometimes dramatic effects of various degrees of soul/personality fusion. It is also hoped that this study will evoke and inspire renewed enthusiasm towards your own continuing spiritual unfoldment and your personal dedication to loving and selfless service to humanity—which are actually one and the same.