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Calling all cool crafty people. That’s you the hipsters, the millennials, the moms, the dads, the dudes, the baby boomers and everyone in between. We are bringing together all makers, tinkerers, artists, crafters, dancers and people who just want to create something! This is a fun group for creative and non-creative ladies and gents who want to learn something new or meet like-minded people who enjoy getting together and exploring possibilities. Whether it’s a an art project for the wall, a craft to be worn, building something for the house, let’s make something together, learn from each other, and create a community of fun-loving creatives. We also include dance and movement meetups because hey, that’s creative too right?

We believe everyone is born with creativity inside them; some have buried it way down inside and others have honed their craft. This group is for creatives across the spectrum. From beginners to masters, from introverts to extroverts. Our only prerequisite is that you come to our classes open - open mind, open heart, open perspective to try something new and open to a non-judgemental atmosphere. This is a safe place for people to try new things, experiment, and get out of your comfort zone.

As we build our leadership team, we are also looking for people who would like to share their passions and talents.

As a member...What kind of classes you are looking for?
As an artist, crafter or dancer...What passion can you share with others?
If you have a gathering space...Would you be willing to open your home/garage/business to host a make-do-connect event?

Let us know more about your passion for building community through making and doing.

Being creative nurtures the soul and so does surrounding yourself with good hearted people.

We are building community through creativity. Are you with us?

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