Yes, And! Soft Skills For Strong Teams


Interpersonal skills are at the core of a healthy workplace culture. Communication, collaboration, and listening skills--to name a few--are essential to building relationships, and highly effective teams.

Patti Carlson and Khalida Allen will share how they borrowed from classic improv techniques to help their Research team at Mailchimp leverage interpersonal skills to be more effective at both their research practice AND as collaborators on cross-functional teams. Through this experience, they realized that not just Researchers, but anyone who works on a team could benefit from "Yes, and" methods, and ever since they have been seeking ways to help more people gain a practical understanding of how to exert greater influence over decisions, gain greater visibility within their organizations, and foster a healthier work environment.

Join Patti and Khalida for a "talk-shop," a highly interactive talk / workshop where we’ll mix improv games into our presentation to demonstrate how to leverage interpersonal skills to develop YOUR personal and professional superpowers.

Drinks and snacks will be provided!