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Make More Money Meetup is an information and networking group that connects job seekers and entrepreneurs to opportunities for making more money. These events are posted by partners who believe in promoting economic empowerment. You can expect most events to be free and unstructured so just show up and start connecting!

For job seekers, this may be connecting with recruiters, hiring managers and employers through local events hosted by partner organizations. 60% of jobs are found through networking. It's true, some of the best jobs are never advertised. Many are filled by successful job seekers who networked with the right people and got the job before it was ever advertised. Employers love referrals and first look to tap their own workers for people they know that can fill open positions. It's cheaper and provides for more quality employees. People do business primarily with people they know and like. Resumes and cover letters alone are often too impersonal to convince employers to hire. Networking makes you a recommended member of a much smaller pool. Networking leads to information and job leads, often before a formal job description is created or a job is announced. There is more to successful networking than just talking to your friends. To be a successful networker you must have as many contacts as possible hear your pitch and understand that you are in the job market. Note: Appropriate dress will depend on the type of meet-up scheduled so use your best judgement.

For entrepreneurs, our goal is to connect you to resources, experts, workshops, fellow entrepreneurs and educational opportunities. Technologist, gig-economy enthusiast, main-street entrepreneurs and researchers of all ages are welcome to attend our events. Your only prerequisite is the desire to make more money. Please no solicitors.

Note: This group is tied to a very exciting grant on the topic. It's not launched officially launched yet but we still wanted to start growing the group in anticipation for the kick-off. Meanwhile, I encourage you to meet-up with each other and we look forward to meeting you soon! Feel free to use the discussion board below to connect with other members.

Hope to see you soon!

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Guest Speaker: Diane Mulcahy - Make More Money through the Gig-Economy! (FREE)

Virginia Western Community College, Whitman Theater


Grandin CoLab

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