What we're about

We believe we can make politics positive.
For many, the word “politics” immediately conjures up images of vicious attack ads dominating TV and radio, angry partisan bickering, aggressive phone calls, and overwhelming, confusing policy discussions.

Why would anyone want to be a part of that? We believe we can do better.

Politics is the process of making decisions about how our community should operate and what values are most important to us. Politics doesn’t have to be a grinding fistfight between two opposing teams – and we want to work with you to prove it.

Every person should feel inspired to engage in the political process and empowered to help shape their community.

The core of Make Politics Positive are these five guiding principles:
+ Politics can be positive – We’re not organizing a campaign to defeat “the other team” – we’re organizing to define the values which inspire and bind us, and to fight passionately to show that politics can be more than just angry.

+ Politics can be accessible – Government policy is complex and often difficult to comprehend. Our campaign will explore both sides of an issue in ways that anyone can understand, before clearly explaining why we believe what we do.

+ Politics can be authentic – We’ve become so scared of each other that our politicians no longer speak authentically. Our campaign understands that politicians should be leaders worth following, which means acknowledging our basic humanity and the limits of our knowledge and abilities.

+ Politics can be empowering – If we want people to be involved in the political process, we need to ensure that they feel heard, and that they are given the training to be liberating leaders in their own community – not just gears in a political machine.

+ Politics can be fun – While the end goal of politics is serious and important, at the core of politics is community – and the best way to build community is through fun, interactive events. If we’re not having fun, why would we be excited to participate?

If you believe this, too, then we need your help!

Join our movement and show that we can Make Politics Positive – together.

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