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We will get together for a Make and Take afternoon using essential oils. Everyone will mix three blends. There will be six recipes to choose from.
• Sleepy Time
• Anti-Snoring
• Energy in a Bottle
• Immune Booster
• Congestion-Sinus Fighter
• Head and Neck Tension Pain Relief
If there is some interest we can do ARM KNITTING...and make an infinity scarf. -- after the oil part of the afternoon...
Everyone who wants to do this needs to bring two large balls of bulky yarn. This is an easy craft...and FUN!-- and the scarf will be beautiful!

The start time for the oils class is 1pm. Please know that this is NOT a high pressured sales 'party' There will be options to order oils and accessories but absolutely no pressure. By attending and paying the $25 and making your three blends... you ARE contributing.
If you choose NOT to participate in the arm knitting then the oil part of the meetup will be over by 2:30pm tops.

Please, know that I need a firm commitment because I am going to go out and purchase the right amount of supplies needed for everyone to participate. If something comes up and you are not able to make it… well, your supplies will already be purchased so the people that are at the meetup will make your recipes and you can pick up at your convenience.

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