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DIY enthusiasts, Make it Natural is calling for Soap Sovereignty in South Ontario! Let's get together, share personal care recipes, plant soap gardens, and plan skillsharing events and activities to spread the joy of natural, homemade personal care. Whether you make your own products already, or you want to learn how, this is the group for you.

Join our monthly Personal Care Skillshare meetups, where DIYers share their personal care recipes and make something together. If you make your own products, come share your recipe with the community. This pay-what-you-can event includes vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free refreshments and snacks from the Conscious Kitchen.

Visit our Soap Farm Work Beesat York University Maloca Community Gardens on Monday evenings to learn how to grow your ingredients using organic farming practices and philosophies like permaculture. Come get your hands dirty! Snacks from the Conscious Kitchen will be served.

Drop in our Research CoLab at York University to read the fineprint of synthetic chemicals, or explore the wonders of plants and their therapeutic value in products. Bring your favorite products to learn about their ingredients, or research your own DIY recipe to discover all of its natural goodness.

Attend a Workshop to for in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience making soap, toothpaste, home cleaners, hair care products, and more. Some of our workshops are 1-2 days in rural areas outside Toronto.

Become a Frothy Friend (premium member) for 15% discounts on expert workshops and Make it Natural products, and discounts at Anarres Apothecary (50% off essential oils, 10% off other ingredients). Membership is awarded after 20 hours of volunteering or a $25 donation. Please visit our website (below) to donate.

We always welcome volunteers to join our various activities and projects. Get in touch at sudsbuds at makeitnatural dot org for volunteer opportunities and conditions. Volunteers receive monthly gifts for their contribution, including premium membership.

Stay frothy!

Make it Natural
www.makeitnatural.org (http://www.makeitnatural.orgwww.facebook.com/rethinkdirtywww.twitter.com/rethinkdirtywww.instagram.com/makeit_natural)
www.facebook.com/rethinkdirty (http://www.makeitnatural.orgwww.facebook.com/rethinkdirtywww.twitter.com/rethinkdirtywww.instagram.com/makeit_natural)
www.twitter.com/rethinkdirty (http://www.makeitnatural.orgwww.facebook.com/rethinkdirtywww.twitter.com/rethinkdirtywww.instagram.com/makeit_natural)
www.instagram.com/makeit_natural (http://www.makeitnatural.orgwww.facebook.com/rethinkdirtywww.twitter.com/rethinkdirtywww.instagram.com/makeit_natural)

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