Introduction to Arduino and Micro-controllers

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30 Arbor Street, B7 · Hartford, CT

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30 Arbor Street - Both the front door elevator & back door stairs lead to the basement, then follow the signs.

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When most people hear the term Arduino they immediately think of the tiny, inexpensive computer board. Well it’s that but actually a whole lot more! It’s a movement that allows tinkerers, makers, artist, hackers and just about anybody create almost anything they can imagine.

In this course we’ll explain how that can be. What inside the basic hardware, software, and how you can get started with this wonderful technology. No previous experience is required.

The class consists of four, 2-hour sessions and when complete you will be able to create a simple project using an Arduino board.

You should know the basics of working with files and programs on a PC.

If you’re not familiar with C programming, I highly recommend checking out one of the numerous online tutorials that can bring you up to speed in just a few evenings.

You can google "best online C tutorial" and choose one from the results. (this is not absolutely required)

Please bring a Windows based laptop with you. The classroom has several desktop PCs available for those that do not have access a laptop However, bringing your own laptop is definitely recommended and encouraged.

None are required, however if you have an Arduino UNO board bring it along.
The instructor will have a few available to purchase for a reasonable additional fee. ($5)
The class will focus on the UNO so another type of Arduino product will not work.

Classes will be held at MakeHartford on 4 Thursday evenings 7-9pm (3/8; 3/15; 3/22; 3/29) However, since each session depends on the previous one, you must plan to attend all 4 sessions. However, you only need to sign up for the first one on 3/8.

***** The total cost of all 4 sessions is $50 which is due before the first session. *****

Eric Klaus has been working with electronics since high school and has a degree in electrical engineering. He's been programming computers since the late 1970's and is currently a Software Developer for a Hartford based software company.

Session 1:
Course Overview
Skill Assessment
What Is Arduino?
What Is a Microcontroller?
ATMega328P Microcontroller features
A Closer Look at The Arduino Uno board
Software Setup – Demo
Arduino Reference
Activity: Load & Modify Blink – Serial Blink
Programming Overview

Session 2:
Introduction to Arduino Programming (Part 1)
(Variables, Declarations & Control of Flow Statements)
Arduino Sketch Basics
Basic Electricity / Electronics for Hobbyists
Arduino Libraries
Activity: A more Advanced Program.
Project Debugging Techniques
Activity: Hardware Programming Demo
More about Serial Communications

Session 3:
Introduction to Arduino Programming (Part 2)
(Arrays & Pointers, functions)
Digital Input - digitalRead()
A/D Conversion – analogRead()
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Controlling A Servomotor
I2C and SPI Communications
Introduction to Timers & Interrupts

Session 4:
Controlling an LCD Display
Interfacing to other hardware
Speakers, Motors, Keyboards, I/R, USB ..

Students Choice -

***** The total cost of all 4 sessions is $50 which is due before the first session. *****

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