Paper Arts Gathering

Public group

Needs a location


May 2018
Our member Dori Melo has asked her apartment manager to have us do a plein-air origami gathering in New Britain! There will be cover in case of bad weather, but we're hoping to be able to fold outside and enjoy the summer that's come. Email Dori Melo and/or Ben Parker for the location and to RSVP ([masked], [masked]).

Note that this day is a Sunday, rather than our usual Saturday gathering.
This is an opportunity for anyone interested in making, building or doing something with paper to get together to share ideas, projects and dreams. This is an informal session for paper artists who are doing or want to be doing anything to or with paper. Come and share! Come and listen! Come and learn!

Please note that the material we will talk about is geared toward professional artists or generally those with a serious interest in the study of the paper arts. We define these widely, from those who create paper to whose who manipulate it in a wide variety of methods. Those with little paper experience who want to see what we're doing are welcome so long as they understand and are patient.

Beginning in July 2017 the meetings will include a semi-formal presentation by one of the attending artists, or a short class in some area of the paper arts. Longer workshops will be scheduled and charged separately, but payment for any in-meeting class is on a freewill basis.