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2020 Covid update: Many of us are on "hold" for general public MeetUPs - including Dave the initial organizer. We cannot participate. ( See *** below ) A sub group who wish to meet or do things , make meetups , can contact ALL organizers.

You can volunteer and be an or THE organizer ( and take over this group ) too. You can run some workshop or group with interested sub groups who can take Covid risks for actual meeings , MeetUPs etc. Dave, the initial organizer, will be stepping down from orgainzing but has paid for this group thru May 2021. It costs about $ 100 for MeetUP for 6 months or about $20 per month. For a while this group was growing significantly but Covid has been bad for it, meetings with ( skilled/like-minded ) strangers and the "shared" space concept.

With Covid , the shared workshop space concept is more difficult. In Florida, for some reasons it was already difficult, in part due to high rental costs of potential workshop space and the suburban sprawl, , closed developments/malls, and lack of nearby/accessible industrial areas with old factories ( cheap space rentals ) as in other parts of USA.

DIY - We like to make things, to learn new things, and to program things. Someday we hope to share a workshop as a MakerSpace or HackerSpace in/near West Palm Beach.

MakerSpaces ( AKA HackerSpaces ) are community-operated physical places, workshops, like clubs, where people can meet and work on their projects. Members share tools and know-how, organize or attend classes, and explore together while building cool projects. A Co-Working space but with tools, like: Laser Cutters, Saws, Drill Press, 3D Printers, CNC etc. A group of people can buy and do things individuals can't do. It is a team effort.

While we have no such physical work room or tools at this time, we may have enough interest eventually to share such an actual workshop. Until then, use/visit others. In any case, we can just share ideas/skills and learn. We can MeetUP show and discuss projects , in different places, coffee shops, road trips, people's garages and workshops. So come find us during our Meet-Ups! Bring some DIY project for show-and-tell , questions or our comments. Even failed or non working projects and attempts are of interest for meetings as some member may be able to help with problems.

Covid more details : For now, we can gather a group of interested members for the times in the future that we can personally share our indoor workshop space with less social distancing etc. It is hard to teach and share ( possibly close ) hands-on work when 6 feet away, technical discussions with masks etc. *** Some of us including initial organizer Dave, are older or have family with co-morbidity, so this adds a new layer of difficulty for actually sharing a workshop space with strangers and non family members. So for now we are on "hold' waiting for the Covid to subside.

Such a space, for starters, may be a small bay in an industrial area or sub part of an existing co-working space. There are relatively few MakerSpaces that are successful in SF compared to other parts of USA or around the world. We may just end up sharing a virtual space/ideas. We would then, as now, meet in public places or online etc.

Many of us participated in the 2019 Beach Mini Maker Faire at the South Florida Science Center & Aquarium! https://palmbeach.makerfaire.com/ in a day filled with makers, creators, tinkerers, performers and vendors! The robots, battle bots, and robot workshop was intense.

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