SenseFiction Day Porto


At the occasion of the SenseFiction Day, we invite you on May 26th to join a WorldWide Movement! Makesense community will mobilize citizens in different cities all around the world to create social entrepreneurship projects. Join us in Porto!

It is a free event; to subscribe (mandatory) →

A SenseFiction is a workshop which enables citizens to create their own impact project, focusing on a social or environmental issue that matters to them. So if:
You don’t have any idea of a project but want to start one to solve a specific social or environmental issue?
You have a project idea and you want to challenge it & find people to help you develop it?
You’re simply curious and want to contribute to a positive project and meet people?

Don’t hesitate anymore, join us ! :) You can register here :

* No particular skills are necessary to be part of the event. Everybody can bring good ideas on the table!

* About the Worlwilde SenseFiction Day 2018:


makesense is an international organization that mobilizes citizens around the world on issues that are important to them; MakeSense connects its volunteers with social entrepreneurs to help them solve their challenges, and accompanies their development.
In 7 years, +35.000 volunteers helped 2500 social entrepreneurs.
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Porto Design Factory is an experimental co-creation platform for interdisciplinary education, experiment-based research and industrial collaboration.
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