Social Entrepreneurship Friday #33


Every 1st Friday of the month

Needs a location


Every first Friday of the Month you are invited to our Social Entrepreneurship Friday !!!

Do you want to connect with people who would like to have a positive impact in the world? Here's the place to be !

Do you want to not only complain but also find solutions to the problems you'd like to see solved? Feel empower with our vibrant community !

Do you have an upcoming pitch you'll like to practice? Bring it on ! We'll help you improve it !
For this please contact us in advance to make sure there is time in the program, you can also come on the monthly SenseDrink for pitching ideas, every 3rd Thursday of the month ;-)

Come and hear pitches by Social Entrepreneurs and brainstorm on their ideas, share your own experience and point of view on how businesses can use empathy to change the world to a better place.

Sometimes we have a planned workshop, sometimes pitches, games, workshops by Sapient Social & Environmental Enterprises, our sponsors in the Netherlands, and many more event formats.
We are always open for anything you want to bring forward, as long as it is inline with making sense & social business. Come and try your workshop, show us something cool you have created, anything you like, just contact us and we'll accommodate.

And this month..... stay tuned for more details.

Agenda for the event:
18:00 Walk in and get comfortable
18:30 Check-in and a short presentation and updates from MakeSense, about MakeSense
Main part of program not decided yet, stay tuned for more details
22:00 closing and drinks, depending on location, stay tuned, and read below ;-)


TBA (To Be Announced), we try to change locations to make it more interesting and be convenient for everyone, give a chance for it to happen in different parts of the city :-) So check each event individually to see where it happens this time.
Have a cool location we should try, let's do it, we are open for anything and everywhere.

Hope to see you there !!!

Best regards from the MakeSense NL team !!!