What we're about

We are a group of mechatronics hobbyists, who are trying to achieve professional standards using open source tools. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dJLsAb1kc0

We undergo the process of problem oriented design based learning (PODBL).
What do we learn from this?
1) Capability of independent learning and creation
---- Information literacy
---- Peer group for motivation and sometimes direction
---- Create or use shared resources
2) Deeper knowledge in specialized fields and an overview of other fields
3) The design process
---- Problem Identification
---- Conceptual design
---- Short listing plausible designs
---- Evaluating the optimal design
---- Realising the design
---- ---- KD (Kinematic Design)
---- ---- DA (Dynamic Analysis)
---- ---- MED (Machine Element Design)
---- ---- VA (Vibration Analysis)
---- ---- CSD (Control System Design)
---- ---- ESD (Electronics and Embedded System Design)
---- ---- PSD Power System Design
---- Testing
4) Skills of using Open Source tools
---- Independence from commercial tools
---- Deeper understanding that is required to use the tools
---- Minimum design costs
5) Working in interdisciplinary teams
---- Project planning
---- Technical communication
---- Teamwork
6) Solving real problems
---- Understanding of real life problems
---- An opportunity to solve them using the knowledge gained

Our vision
---- Creating a large pool of independent hobbyists performing interdependent and quality R&D
---- Enabling students/hobbyists to come up with standard solutions for real life problems
---- Solving non-commercial/non-funded problem statements

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