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Other Opportunities in Maker Education
A note to the group: There are so many great maker education resources in the Bay Area. Please check out these fabulous educator resources: • MakerEd ( • East Bay Maker Educators ( (G+) • Bay Area Maker Educators ( (G+) In addition I run (and help run) these other Meetups if they are of interest to you. ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ (SF) ­ Happy making and educating! Elise ​-- ­ Join the mailing list of the Silicon Valley Engineering Council ­ (

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For makers interested in education, and educators who would like to connect around hands-on projects. We’ll discuss upcoming events,education ideas, tools, and materials that help enrich and transform learning environments with creative, hands-on learning opportunities.

This is an Open Meetup Group - feel free to become an Organizer/ Event Host, and let us know if there is something related to makers and education going on.

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