2-D & 3-D CAD SIG (Computer-Aided Design Special Interest Group)


Join us for a night of Design and 3D Modeling with everything from Fusion 360 to Solidworks to OpenSCAD to Sketch-up and beyond. CAD also applies to 2D programs, so please feel free to come get your Adobe suite, Inkscape, Corel, etc. fix with us.

We will give newcomers a brief overview of CAD principals, and are happy to assist anyone who would like to dive into a new modeling environment. The files you produce can eventually be ported to other file types in order to create parts from additive and subtractive manufacturing machines (3D Printers, Laser Cutters, CNC Mills, etc.)

That being said, please note: this is not a class, but more of a community learning environment, in which we encourage collaboration and group research. If we get enough interest down the line, we can eventually talk about actual classes, group projects, and long-term goals.

Additionally, we have at least 1 desktop CAD stations available, but to guarantee access to a computer, your best bet is to bring a laptop with your software of choice. A 3-button mouse with scroll wheel will be very helpful, as well, and if you have some CAD miles under your belt but don't yet use a 3-D mouse, I highly recommend looking into it :)

Okay! Come get your orthographic and axonometric views on! Let's design some stuff!

[PLEASE NOTE: All minors must be accompanied by parent and or guardian.]

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