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Lets build some robotic things...

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The Wellington Makerspace

6 Vivian St · Wellington

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lv1, 6 Vivian Street, Wellington

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Victoria University, Wellington think we're the bees knees at engaging you young guys and gals in technology stuff and have asked us to help them get awesome people like you into Engineering at Vic!

Apparently, a common perception is that Engineering is boring and hard...but us tell you that engineering is awesome - just look at your MP3 player or phone, how would you make that then? A challenge indeed!

Anyway, lets talk about the club we're proposing...

We've all see the fighting robots on Robot Wars **YAWN** and we think that's all a bit old hat, tedious stuff and all a bit too nerdy for us cool cats - so we're proposing that every week we have a club for high school aged students [it would be very refreshing if we got both ladies and gentlemen along too] and using the great robotics kits Vic have given us, we could do things a whole lot more Iron-Man like and a bit less Tin-man.

Here's a few of our thoughts - just to get started, we could:

try and help save the World, solving problems like garbage sorting and recycling, cleaning the oceans or beaches using robots

- or - helping douse fires and earthquake rescues using remote robots

- or - make movie animatronic/robot mechanisms, animals, people - and use motion control and motion capture to control them and maybe even put on a performance for some sick kids up at the hospital???

so how about we use this first session to see what you peeps want to do?

Who's coming?

Apart from you and me we also have a bunch of great Vic Engineering Students [only a couple years older than you!] and some of the other Wellington Makerspace crew coming along too and we're all gonna peer into the brand new, unopened boxes and figure out what we could do with this stuff...How's that sound?

Hopefully we'll get to grips with it all, create some cool stuff and - if you want to- we'll go and hammer the nerds at one of their "scrimmage" competitions - which they like to think they always win - well we we say pah! to that... bring it on!

Cost: $10/Koha

PAYPAL Payment here :) (¤cy_code=NZD&item_name=Payment%20for%20RoboticThings&shipping=0&pbtype=service&bn=Xero_Acct_ST)

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