Summer Make-a-Tion: LED Magic Wands


On my list of "Top 10 steps to become Hermione Granger, brightest witch of her age", number #1 is "Get a wand". While you won't discover any magical abilities during this workshop, you'll learn how to wire up and assemble a DYI magic wand using a piece of paper, an LED, some hot glue, and a battery. In no time at all, you'll be sitting back and Accio-ing the remote control closer to you.

Will include some basic soldering – if you've never done it before, now's the perfect time to learn! You can also attend our soldering workshop right before (@ 1pm).

When: Saturday, Aug 13 @ 3:00pm
Where: Makerspace Urbana
Cost: $10 (includes all materials needed)

Summer Make-a-tion is our summer long workshop series inviting everyone of all ages to learn, teach, tinker, collaborate, share, innovate, socialize, and create.

We're located in the basement room #16 of the Independent Media Center in Urbana.

The space can be a little tricky to find but if you enter through the back bike project door (near the radio tower on the south side of the building) and take your first left, we're at the end of the hall. Here's a little video to help: