Hack the Lab: Temperature - controlling, measuring and experimenting with it

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This meetup is open to all.

The third instalment of the monthly 'Hack the Lab' meetup on open hardware (and software) for science will be focusing on temperature: how to control it, measure it and perform experiments in temperature-controlled conditions. We'll be discussing useful components and their pros and cons in addition to seeing presentations and demos of work on open lab tools from the Engineering Department.

12:00 Temperature - controlling, measuring and experimenting with it

- Robert Eager presenting his temperature- and humidity-controlled chamber

- Fergus Riche presenting his microscopy set up for incubators

- Group discussion on components for lab devices that heat things up and cool things down.

13:30 - Lunch (pizzas for a small contribution - sponsorship ideas welcome!)

14:30 - Co-working in teams

Example projects and plans for this month:

Mosquito feeder for research insectaries

- Designing PCB board

Open Source Labware project

- Gel electrophoresis demonstration

- Continue investigating designs for an open electrophoresis chamber

- Discussion on open centrifuge design requirement


- Further discussion about setting up a local diybio lab in Cambridge

- Should we plan to hold some educational sessions? If so what would we teach?