What we're about

This group offers live events for you to improve you own makeup skills, whether you are new to makeup, stuck in a rut or looking for new ways fresh techniques. This is for the everyone all skill levels and, if your a Makeup Artist come learn more and learn how to teach others how-to. Events are hands-on...the brushes, tools and cosmetics are put in your hands. You literally learn specific techniques to hold brushes and tools--going beyond what you don't know.

Empower yourself with skills that will not only freshen and cleanup your face and makeup but will carry over into other parts of your life.

We are driven creative and professional women and men enjoying and attracting a happy life, improving our full and rich careers, and developing our meaningful and deep relationships. We look to expanding our reach within all our relationships both our personal and professional lives. This group is focused primarily on improving our outer appearance to leverage fuller expansive lives.

Our community is dedicated to empowering all with makeup and beauty skills to take them to new places!

What you will gain from joining our group:
1. Empowerment with your makeup application skills
2. Uncovering makeup blindspots and discovering new ways, new tools, new skincare and cosmetics focusing, honing and polishing your outer appearance

What kinds of events we hold:
1. Educational events to expand your skills and knowledge
2. Social and networking events to build our community
3. And much more.

Please join our group asap and I will see you soon!
Brian Haugen, Organizer
More than 25 years of (since 1994) experience offering women and men hands on techniques and skills for outer beauty and success in the creative, professional and business fields.

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