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Being a makerspace manager (or part of it's leadership team) has its own set of unique challenges and rewards. From educating your members, to compliance with OSHA standards, to advertisement and communication, to keeping up with technology advancements. This dynamic role is as varied as the creations that come to life in your space.

Have you ever met another makerspace manager? Or toured another's space? There is an immediate bond that is created, an interest in how one another are solving the same problems. There is an excitement when you see successes and great ideas. Perhaps your business models are different or the demographics of your members are different. What can we learn from each other's difference.

Do you have a dream of opening your own maker space, whether it be a private company or within your school's library, I'm sure being part of a network of experienced makerspace managers would help you bring your dream to life.

This group aims to gather us together, to learn from one another, to look for collaboration opportunities, and to literally "talk shop". Let's discuss some of our approaches to the topics above, share lessons learned, tour each other's spaces, and build some lasting connections.

For those of you currently in a leadership role at a makerspace, please take our initial survey (only 5 questions!)

Survey #1: Our Spaces (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/C35T3XS)

Thank you and welcome!

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