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It’s said your 30’s are poised to the best years of your life. You’re comfortable with your quirks, have upgraded your pad from the university days, can whip up a thing or two in the kitchen and have both the time and cash for fun and travel. Be it that you’re new to the city or have been here for years this group will aim to connect you with other like minded people looking to make lasting connections.

Looking to host events such as coffee meetups, board game evenings, pub nights, billiards nights, movie outings, dinner parties, dog walks, golf games etc. Oilers games are better watched together. While I have my favourite places and activities that I’ll gravitate towards, I created this group to explore the city further and try new things. Leave a comment if something sparks your interest and you’re wanting to check it out with the group.

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Rec Room Shenanigans

The Rec Room

Come join for an evening of games at the Rec Room South Common. I'd like to think we're never too old to let loose and play silly games! I was there last a few months ago and had a great time playing various games. Favorite of the night was basketball connect four, just like the old classic but you have to earn your piece with your best basketball toss. I'll be going back to that game, and will be sure to check out new ones too. I'll need to buy a card which is swiped to play games. Please share the cost by putting a few dollars on your own card so we can go around and try out games together.

Bowling at Gateway Lanes

Gateway Entertainment Centre

Join us for an evening of bowling at Gateway Lanes. A great way to unleash your silliness and share a few laughs so I hope you’re able to join us! I have booked two lanes for 12 people. The cost is $25/person which includes shoe rental. The lanes are booked from 7-9pm so please come a little early to find us and grab your shoes. If you RSVP I’ll send you etransfer details. My card is charged when the reservation is made so I appreciate your payment before the event, mostly just to ensure your attendance. I've had issues with no shows in the past so please RSVP responsibility :)

Brunch at Under the High Wheel

Under The High Wheel

Come join for brunch Sunday morning to kick June off in style. There isn't much in life I enjoy more than a good brunch! This place was recommended to me a while back and after some research it seems they were named 1st Place Brunch in 2018 by Avenue Magazine. Need I say more!?

Soundtrack Music Festival

Kinsmen Park

Anyone else’s favourite day on the radio throwback Thursdays?!?? Positive I’m not alone in this! They just don’t make music like they used to, and listening to the music of our childhood always brings back fun memories of when these songs were the hits of their time. I went to the festival last year and had a great time so I’m looking forward to it again this year. Come for a full day of throwback songs from some of the artists who took up our discmans back in the day, only this time the music won’t skip when you move!! Bonus! This is a pretty chill event so bring a blanket to sit on and veg for the day. There’s a small crowd so if the mood strikes we can go up and listen close up, but for the most part we’ll hang out sitting on the grass. Tickets including fees are about $110 and go on sale March 22. Please purchase your own and I’ll send out a message where to find us. I’ll have my cell on me and will check just in case you’re lost and can’t find us. Gates open at 1pm, entertainment starts at 2pm and runs till 10:45pm. Check out full details on the website: https://www.soundtrackmusicfestival.com

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Bowling at Gateway Lanes

Gateway Entertainment Centre

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