What we're about

We are a community of a like-minded, open-mined and location-independent freelancers, entrepreneurs or employees. We have chosen to live in Málaga Region because it is truly amazing place!

We are here to share cool stuff about remote work and travel, to share our experiences and exchange our knowledge and skills.

We want to develop a strong nomad community here in Málaga by organising:

- Social events - Málaga is a great place to go out and have a beer, great food and nice conversations about benefits and challenges of being a nomad or expat-freelancer.

- Nomad Talks - each of us as a guest speaker can share their insights in business related topics as well as productivity and life hacks.

- Masterminds - we want to gather in small groups and discuss our goals, ideas and issues to get support, feedback and be more productive.

-Mini-travels - or so called Workations - we will travel together and organise professional activities in our leisure time.

This is also for people who want to have a business they love and the ability to choose freedom. Join us if you wish to learn how to work from anywhere, wake up when you want, work on what you want and from where you want, and spend time doing what you love every day.

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