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Introduction to Type Classes & Algebraic Data Types

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Algebraic Data Types (ADTs) and Type Classes are terms that Scala developers will come across frequently and can cause some headache for beginners. In this talk, Jan will give an introduction to both. We will explore how thinking in ADTs can guide you in modeling your domain and how they are represented in Scala. We will then deep dive into type classes, find out about the advantages of using them, see how we can add functionality to our data types and learn how to implement them in Scala.

After the talk, there will be some networking time. We'll provide food, beer and soft drinks.

About the speaker

Jan Schulte (@janschultecom ( is a Scala Consultant and former Startup founder. Currently he works as Scala lead developer at Douglas. He has been working with Scala for more than three years and is co-organiser of the Scala UG Düsseldorf (@ScalaDus ( as well as the Idris UG Düsseldorf (


This talk is brought to you by Rindus (, a Hamburg-based company that just opened shop here in Málaga. They do lots of interesting stuff with Scala and they are keen to share with the Community, which is good for this group :-)

How to get here?

The talk will take place at the newly opened Polo Digital, located near the premises of La Tabacalera, very close to the Russian Art Museum and the Automobile Museum:

The Polo Digital building is at the right end of the central courtyard:

We will place signs inside the building to guide you to the classroom on the ground floor where the talk will take place.

If you come by car, you can use the free parking of the museums mentioned above, whose entrance is at the junction between Sor Teresa Prat and Carlos Rein.