Malaysia Entrepreneurs Network (Kuala Lumpur) Monthly Meetup

Malaysia Entrepreneurs Network
Malaysia Entrepreneurs Network
Public group

Every 2nd Thursday of the month


EATROPICA Cafe, Level 6, Menara 1 Sentrum, Nu Sentral · Kuala Lumpur

How to find us

You may use the main entrance from Menara 1 Sentrum to the landing lobby at Level 6 or use the Elevator from Nu Sentral mall at Level 1 near Loka, on the same end of the mall as H&M.

Location image of event venue


Good day everyone!

Same relaxed crowd, same great drinks and finger food, do feel free to bring your friends along for a night of good conversation and good food. I do look forward to seeing you all there!

For your benefit, here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I know who in the "The Location" are coming for MEN? Can I call your handphone to ask you that?

A. Look around and ask any of the noisy guys and gals "are you here for the MEN meetup?", the odds are that they are. What do you next? We're really friendly so introduce yourself and start mingling.

Q. What is the agenda of this monthly Malaysia Entrepreneur gathering?

A. There is no agenda. It is a free-and-easy meet-and-greet coffee session. For more structured events, please refer to the other events listed in Malaysia Entrepreneurs Network.

Q. Why am I FORCED to buy a drink and/or food?

A. You are not forced to buy a drink as much as you are not forced to come for any Malaysia Entrepreneurs Network event. However, it is nice to support the cafe owner by purchasing a drink/food when you're already in the cafe. For the record, the organizers do not earn any commission whatsoever for any purchases made by attendees.

Q. Why "Eatropica"? Are you under their payroll?

A. The decision to select location was based on multiple choices (parking, seating, & the fact that the venue allows us to host it there).

Q. I am not an entrepreneur/I am a student/I am thinking of becoming an entrepreneur/I am a government worker/I am a corporate worker/etc. Am I still allowed/able to come for the event?

A. Sure!

Q. I have this marvelous new method of making money the easy and fast way via Multi-Level Marketing/Personal Franchising/insert-other-similar-names...

A. PLEASE DO NOT TURN UP AND HARASS OUR ATTENDEES. And NO, I do not intend to answer your questions "why/what is wrong/why are you so closed minded/why are you etc etc".

Q. I have this great idea! But why don't you do it for me?

A. Malaysia Entrepreneurs Network is a volunteer driven initiative. We are under no obligation to do anything for you, and neither are my fellow co-organizers. That said, we welcome whoever wishes to organize an event series as long as you have commitment in running the events.

1. No hard selling, don't pester or force people to buy/join
2. Don't over sell yourself, company or product. Ex: Introducing your company or product yes for 2-3 minutes is acceptable, but not if you keep going on about it for 1 hour+
3. Not welcomed: Snake oil (Miracle) schemes not allowed (ex: xxx product that can cure AIDS, Cancer, makes you immortal/god, product that can guarantee to make you a millionaire if you invest xxx)
4. Not welcomed: All investment `schemes` are not allowed (ex: I represent a marketing company in Singapore selling Sugar investment by this firm in UK who is own by a group of VC in Hong Kong). Finding investors for YOUR company, or looking to invest = ok
5. Not welcomed: Medically insane people
6. You WILL be asked to leave if you fall into #3-#5