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This is a group for Malaysians, Singaporeans, Japanese people and everyone else living in Osaka. We are just a bunch of friendly and courteous homo sapiens with simple taste in life. Our goals are neither pompous nor ostentatious. We meet for social interactions, mutual help and encouragement. Even if you are new to the country you will feel at home with us. We welcome participation especially from Japanese buddies who want to practise Singlish and Manglish or just want to talk about the good old times they had during their last visit to Malaysia and/or Singapore. We chill out together on a monthly basis doing indoor and outdoor activities relating to all things Malaysia and Singapore. That basically means food and more food. We hibernate indoor while pampering ourselves with home-cooked Malaysian and Singaporean food during the colder months. During the warmer months, we venture out, soaking up the sun at scenic locations and checking out the nearby restaurants. If that sort of food-centric habits resonates with you, then come along and join the party.

これは、マレーシア人、シンガポール人、日本人、そして大阪に住んでいるすべての人のためのグループです。私たちは、素朴な人生感を持つ、フレンドリーで礼儀正しいホモサピエンスのほんの一群です。私たちの目標は大げさなものでも、派手なものでもありません。私たちは交流、助け合いおよび励ましのために集まります。あなたが日本に来て間もないとしても、あなたは私たちとすぐに打ち解けるでしょう。特にSinglishとManglishを練習したい、またはマレーシアやシンガポールを最後に訪れたときに過ごした古き良き時代について話をしたいという日本人のメンバーからの参加を歓迎します。私たちは、マレーシアとシンガポールのすべてのことに関連して、屋内と屋外での活動を毎月行っています。それは基本的に食べ物もっと食べ物を意味します。寒い時期には、自家製のマレーシア料理やシンガポール料理を楽しみながら、室内で行います。暖かい季節には、景色の良い場所で日光浴をしたり、近くのレストランを探索したりします。そのような食品中心の 習慣があなたと共鳴するならば来てグループに参加してください。

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I dare you eat the mother of all dishes; Sarawak Herbal Chicken (Ka Chang Ma)!

Description Ka Chang Ma is a Chinese recipe. It literally means grate (ka), stalk or root (Chang) and mother (Ma). The main ingredient is a herb called Motherwort. Wort is an old English word, meaning “to heal”. Motherworts is a miracle herb that is said to be beneficial for heart symptoms, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, anxiety, menstrual periods, over-active thyroid, flatulence, improve eyesight, shingles, itching, stimulates uterine tone and blood flow, herb of longevity, helps tears flow, ensure deeper sleep, a favourite ally of menopausal women, relieves pains and so on. What to expect: We'll just let our hairs down, enjoy each others company over the Ka Chang Ma meal. What to bring: Yourself, family and/or friends Important to know Cost per head is ¥500 Date and time: June 22 18:00 How to find us: Meet me at Midosuji Abiko station exit 1 and my apartment is about 6-minute walk away Location: My apartment Direction: Abiko Station is about 25 minutes from Umeda Station on Midosuji line

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Picnic at the Nakanoshima Park Rose Garden

Nakanoshima Rose Garden

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